FixNmop Services


FixNmop Services

AED 199 (54% Off)

260 AED

Sanitization and Disinfection Services
  • Sanitization and Disinfection Services for Apartments, Villa, Office and Cars from FixNmop Services.
  •  Material : sanitizer and Disinfectant
  • Process : spray activity all over the appartment or office (furniture , cupboard, room, restroom, kitchen etc)
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About FixnMop :

FixnMop is a highly reputable cleaning services company providing part time cleaning services in Dubai that offer high-quality residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services in Dubai. 

FixnMop caters to both residential and corporate locations throughout the city. The fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai often leaves people with limited amount of time to time to chores at home. Keeping the home clean and orderly is especially difficult for working professional who has full-time jobs taking up most of their time during the week and would prefer to spend their weekends with family and friends.