Myflavory promo code

Myflavory Coupon

Valid For: New and Old user

Applicable On: Sweets & Snacks Only

About Myflavory :

You have to taste a culture to understand it. – Deborah Cater”

At Myflavory, we celebrate the uniqueness of Indian sweets and savories that reflect the diversity of the Indian cuisine.

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biobox promo code

BioBox Coupon

Valid For: Old and new user

Applicable On: Web & App

About BioBox :

Biobox, by Goldsfeir Food4Life LLC, is an on-line quality-driven, customer-assured healthy food and wellness solutions provider that has been inspiring the people of the UAE since 2018.

Biobox UAE believe firmly that a life-style with good, wholesome food including top-quality, fresh produce from sustainable and organic sources is what they all need to live strong, make intelligent choices and help their planet at the same time. By cutting out the high energy requirements of a retail outlet, they not only allow their customers to save money, but they limit the time fresh food is spent in storage thus providing fresher, more delicious choices as well as reducing our carbon footprint – with their quality assurance.

BioBox has been listening – BioBox understand the challenges of living a busy life-style and trying to eat well. It is often difficult for consumers to get to the shops with busy schedules or frustrating to find that shops don’t even have what they want especially when the produce is not fresh or from an organic or sustainable source. Biobox makes it easy – consumers can order on-line and trust in us to hand-select the best products then deliver right to the doorstep at the most convenient time. And BioBox offer memberships to make it even easier! Biobox just turns up each week with what is needed!

From the beginning, it has been our goal to continue to forge new inroads into the ever-evolving field of healthy living. BioBox believes that high-quality, great-tasting and healthy-only products are choices that the consumer is looking for and deserves. They are focused on always expanding this product range and providing assistance and support to mindful consumers.

BioBox work closely with over 50 authentic ecological farms and suppliers from Europe and the Middle East, as close to home as possible, to offer a large and steady range of products. These providers are part of our family as they have built close relationships with those who share the same beliefs in providing health-conscious, top-class products while keeping with our mission of encouraging sustainable environments.

With two branded subsidiaries of Food4Life: biobox and MyHealthyOffice, they aim to offer consumers of the UAE the best in products that help them to live a healthy life-style at home and at work as well as provide education and information that makes a wellness-oriented and natural way of life easy to achieve.

To be a provider of ethical, high-quality and delicious food choices that contribute to the lasting health and happiness of our consumer.

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noon daily coupon code

Noon Daily Coupon

Valid For: New  (30 AED) and Old (5 AED) user

Applicable On:  Mobile App And Website

Countries: UAE & KSA

About Noon Daily :

Noon Daily is one of the top brands that offer an online service that makes everyday essentials accessible. With Noon Daily, you will be able to order bakery and bread items and fresh vegetables and fruits in the United Arab Emirates. You can also order other items like baby essentials, frozen foods, and meat and dairy. All you have to do is visit the online shop, apply the relevant code at checkout, and pre-pay to get your order delivered. Noon Daily provides fast and contactless service to its customers who can use the best available daily deals. Noon Daily works through a reliable app which will provide fresh grocery to you the very next day.

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