Al Nasr Leisureland offer

Al Nasr Leisureland

AED 35 (30% Off)

50 AED

Al Nasr Leisureland
  • Al Nasr Leisureland has 8 bowling lanes with a computerised scoring system. It is a home for many professional bowlers vowing to improve their bowling skills
  • Deal includes:
    – 2 games of Bowling 
    – Bowling shoes
    – Admission charges
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About Al Nasr LeisureLand :

Some call it “Al Nasr” others term it as “LeisureLand”, yet others refer to it as “Al Nasr LeisureLand”. Nevertheless “Al Nasr” means “The Victory”. Dubai’s most popular venue for all seasons and reasons and appreciating the pleasures of leisure.Al Nasr LeisureLand, situated in the heart of the city is built on a 48 acres site opened on 10th October 1979 with the philosophy and concept to create a Family oriented leisure-center for Sports and Entertainment. LeisureLand invites members and non-members of all ages and nationalities to enjoy their facilities. LeisureLand has become a major center for Sports and Entertainment all under one roof. Sports, Healthcare, International Performances, Functions, Resident Bands and Al Nasr offers the best cuisine, Indian, Chinese from breakfast brunch, lunch, dinner and to cap it all a fascinating night-life. What better way for the Locals to join the Expatriates far away from home to make their life brighter socialising with friends, relations and business partners.